Livestock Rentals

Though Movin On specializes in livestock rentals for westerns and modern films we can accommodate any era being filmed.  Our horses are trained to work safely with stunt crews and around set equipment. Gunfire, cannons, fire, explosions, water and many other situations need highly trained animals and that is what Movin On Livestock can provide. Below are galleries of our animals. Click here for the gallery of our domestic animals.

Movie Horse and Livestock Rentals; Rearing Horses

Horses and Mules

There are many types of movie horses. We have cast horses for actors and actresses as well as horses for stunts and background.

Examples of horses that a production could need as follows:

  • Cast Horses (for the cast)
  • ND Horses (nondescript)
  • Horses or Mules for wagons, buggies, etc. (team, 4-up, 6-up)
  • Horses for stunts (falling, jumping, etc.)
  • Specialty Horses (rearing and more)

There are many breeds and colors of equine animals. Most of our horses are American Quarter Horses. Below is a gallery of some of our horses and mules. Please contact us if you have a need for a specific breed or coloring.


Domestic Livestock

Movin On also can supply domestic animals such as goats, sheep, cattle, chickens, etc. Below are some of the pictures of domestic animals that we have supplied to the motion picture and television industry over the years.  


At Movin On Livestock we do not supply exotic animals. Please contact Gentle Jungle for these needs.